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About us

Formed in 2011, The Bandettes is a Swedish band consisting of: Anna (guitar/vocals), Hannah (bass/vocals), Kajsa (keys/backup vocals), and Emeli (drums/backup vocals). Although best known for “The Beard Song”, their Folk/Country Pop with a nordic shimmer attracts many more than people with good-looking gathering of hair on their chins.

Childhood friends Anna and Hannah wrote their first song together in 8th grade. When the two were busking, “Shit happens” (best translation), could be heard all over the streets of Gothenburg. Ten years later, Anna and Hannah reunited in Malmö and decided to start a band. The final pieces of the puzzle were added via Kajsa and Emeli. These members brought Jazz influences to Anna and Hannah’s Folk/Country Pop - the distinct mix of genres that makes up their unique sound. It was love at first band practice and The Bandettes were complete.

Their debut album, Take Me Home, was recorded in the southern Swedish countryside in Old Barn Drum Studio. Recording in the winter in Sweden has its difficulties. The band was literally snowed-in, while recording their summery songs. In order to keep creative control, the band members co-produced the album and released it in 2013 on their own label Take Me Home Productions.

Bearded magazine wrote: “A delight of an album, Take Me Home, is rammed full of sunny shimmery tunes that could only have come out of Sweden. You feel like you are sharing a carriage with four feisty Swedish girls, their instruments and their soaring interwoven vocals as the tracks slide beneath you and the landscape zips past your window offering glimpses of the world outside. Each new song on the album bounds in with a flurry of irresistible hooks, contagious melodies and arrangements that reel you in and hold you.”

When the video to their first single, The Beard Song, was released, it quickly went viral all over the world. The song was later featured in Thursday Night Football on CBS, and on BBC World Service. The Bandettes also appeared with the song ”Wanted (unplugged)” on a compilation album associated with the Swedish political party F! along with Robyn and The Knife.

Their second release, The Joker, dropped on May 1, 2015. It was recorded in lovely Studio Möllan in the heart of Malmö, with the engineer Emil Isaksson and his assistant, Rasmus the dog. The Joker, also released on Take Me Home Productions, is inspired by a game of cards; winning and losing, love and hate, friends and enemies. It’s about putting on a poker face, and not always following the rules. The music takes a more serious path, but without losing the characteristic glimmer in the eye that says, We are The Bandettes!

The Bandettes are

Anna – guitars, vocals
Hannah – bass, vocals
Kajsa – keyboards, backing vocals
Emeli – drums, percussion, backing vocals